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“Coaching is a strategy for implementing a professional support system for teachers, a system that includes research or theory, demonstration, practice, and feedback.”

—Walpole, M. & McKenna, S. (2008). The literacy coaching challenge: Models and methods for grades K-8. New York: The Guilford Press.

The WHAT: Building Teacher Knowledge as the Foundation for Coaching

  • Teachers need knowledge of the science of reading and an understanding of how to put that knowledge into practice. Building expertise in literacy instruction is key.
  • Mentors are able to support teachers’ depth of knowledge with hands on methods, techniques, and activities they can use in their classroom.
  • Mentors provide a realistic roadmap to ensure student achievement through scope-and-sequences with clear curricular goals that guide seamless delivery of reading instruction across grade levels.
  • With coaching support, this knowledge is proven to translate into practice, transforming instruction and ensuring the success of students.
  • Professional development alone or even with practice, results in little to no transfer to the classroom, whereas peer coaching drives executive implementation up to 99% (Joyce and Showers, 2002)!