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Literacy is the ability to use language to read and write. While listening and speaking develop naturally, reading and writing must be learned.

Many children and adults can’t read and struggle when they try. A lack of literacy can lead to low self-esteem, unemployment, and a lifetime of limited success.

Literacy is the Language of Opportunity.

Children are at the heart of that all we do.

We believe every child has the right to read. We know 95% can be taught.

And we believe teachers, not programs or products, teach children to read, write, and spell.

So, we empower teaching excellence by providing knowledge and the mentor-supported practice that every teacher needs and deserves, but few have experienced.

Our model is research-based.

“Teachers play a variety of roles in their work—instructor, coach, advocate, and learner—but they also act as scientists in several ways.  As they make the important decisions about what and how to teach, they must evaluate the claims associated with educational strategies and programs.  And in the classroom, they must constantly assess and reassess the value of programs and their impact on students.”

—National Institute for Literacy (2005). Using research and reason in education.  What is scientifically based research?  A guide for teachers.

Our approach is values-driven.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide our intentions, actions, and character.


We are a team of strong, passionate advocates, creative leaders and experienced mentors. We aim to cultivate and sustain a legacy of empowered teachers, effective teacher preparation, and grade-level-or-better student literacy.

Lifelong Learning.

We are open-minded, reflective, lifelong learners. We gain mastery and wisdom through practice and experience.  As good scientists, we test our ideas, collect data, adjust our thinking, take action, and persevere.


We strive to earn respect and gain trust by being nonjudgmental, generous, and responsive. We are accountable to high ethical, professional, and academic standards.


We explore, refine, instill, and share effective teacher preparation practices through innovative teamwork and partnerships. We enter into relationships as professionals, honoring the gifts each person brings to the table.


We aspire to be transformative mentors, empowering teachers with excellence in the latest research-based knowledge and data-driven instructional practice, coaching teachers to their greatest effectiveness, and inspiring them to high standards and values.


We know that lasting change demands accountability at all levels for our actions, our expenditures, and our results. As we strive to shift paradigms, we understand that literacy achievement has no quick fixes, but requires perseverance and commitment.

We seek partners who share these values and wish to cultivate them.

Our Work—Knowledge into Practice

Literacy How specializes in translating “gold standard” literacy research into practice at all levels, with a particular emphasis on PreK to grade three.

We provide teachers and administrators from pre-service to higher education with comprehensive, substantive, research-based professional development in all areas of literacy instruction, and support them with mentoring, modeling, and coaching.

Our content, centered on oral language, includes early word reading skills—phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling—as well as syntax, vocabulary building, comprehension, and writing.

We conduct school-based research in best teaching practices.

We promote the use of research to inform sound education policy and its implementation.

We offer comprehensive reading evaluations for children, Structured Literacy training for teachers, and information and resources for parents.

Our Team

Meet our team of literacy experts and change agents.