Anne E. Fowler Fellows Program at Fairfield University

This 6th Year Professional Certification in Reading & Language Development, specifically designed to help improve literacy rates among underachieving students in Connecticut, is training its first cohort! Literacy How Mentors will supervise the Program Fellows and their Master Teachers, and Dr. Margie Gillis will direct the Practicum.

Connecticut K-3 Literacy Initiative (CK3LI) 2012-present

This study, funded by the CT State Department of Education, is working in schools to develop a comprehensive school-wide reading plan and to build internal expertise and capacity. In addition, students at risk for reading difficulties have been identified and provided with small group intervention. Literacy How is on the management team and providing professional development and coaching in several of the schools.

Literacy How will continue to work in:
Langford and Norris Schools, East Hartford
Andrew Avenue, Naugatuck
Fox Run, Norwalk
Sprague School, Waterbury
Windham School District

CT K-3 Reading Model: Alliance Schools

Literacy How is providing professional development and/or coaching assistance to K-3 teachers.

Bielefield, Middletown
Davenport Ridge, Stamford
Kingsbury, Waterbury
Overbrook, East Haven
Prendergast, Ansonia
West Bristol, Bristol

Professional Development and Coaching
Mill Ridge, Danbury
Hanover, Meriden
Bradley and Irving Schools, Derby
Hopeville, Waterbury
Batcheller and Hinsdale Schools, Winchester

District Professional Development

Literacy how will provide professional development to various cohorts in the Bethel, Norwalk, Stamford, and Waterbury School Districts.

ELLI Lab School, Stepping Stones Museum for Children, and Fox Run model classroom, Norwalk, CT.

School-based Mentoring

Philadelphia, PA—Independence Mission Schools, St. Martin of Tours and St. Veronica’s
Hamden Hall, Hamden
Norwalk Public Schools
Stamford Public Schools, Davenport Ridge and The International School at Rogers Magnet
Waterbury Public Schools—Carrington and Driggs
Waterside School, Stamford
West Haven Public Schools—Grade 2 teachers at Forest, Seth G. Haley, Edith E. Mackrille, Alma E. Pagels, Savin Rock Community, Washington

Talking Fingers Project

The Talking Fingers Project is being funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Development (NICHD) as part of a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Grant. NICHD-SBIR provided funding for the development of literacy apps (Talking Shapes) for pre-school and kindergarten children that were developed by Talking Fingers. The current research study, testing the efficacy of those apps, is being conducted by Literacy How. The research study will examine the effects of two different approaches to teach young children to read. Both approaches will use apps on iPads as well as teacher-led activities in small group instruction.