VIRTUAL Offerings

Structured Literacy
For Tier 1 instruction

This program provides background in the Science of Reading (SOR), from what it is to what it has to do with Structured Literacy. The course is online in 2.5 hr. sessions and consists of one foundational course – Oral Language – and five component courses – Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Syntax, and Reading Comprehension – which can be taken a-la-carte.  Relevant handbooks are included in the price.

Structured Literacy
for tier 2/3 and specialized instruction

This program is our offering for special educators, reading specialists and interventionists.  This 30 hr. course is offered in fifteen, 2 hr. sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9am-11am for five weeks.  Participants must attend ALL sessions.  Relevant handbooks are included in the price.  Each week explores a different topic: Understanding and Assessing SLD/Dyslexia, The Alphabetic Principle and Phonics, Advanced Phonics and Morphology Instruction, Grammar and Syntax, and Semantics.  Series price is $975 and includes relevant handbooks.

Structured Literacy for tier 1 instruction


This offering consists of one required course, Oral Language, and five elective courses.  You will need to register for Oral Language and then you may choose one or more individual courses, depending on what you would like to work on for this summer.  Return customers who have already registered and purchased the required course may select other course(s) using the same registration form below. 

Required Course: Oral Language

* You must select this course to take any other courses in the series

PRerequisite - Oral Language at the Core (one 2.5 hr course, Price $150)


This course is your introduction to the Literacy How’s Reading Wheel for Comprehensive Literacy Instruction!  No matter which component you are studying, oral language will be part of this instruction.

Speaking and listening skills are the foundation of literacy.  In this course, you will learn about oral language development and its relationship to language and reading comprehension, and you will understand why it is at the hub of our reading wheel.

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Elective CourseS

Course 1 - Phonemic Awareness: What It Is and How to Teach It (5 hr course, divided in two-2.5 hr sessions, price $150)

Learn why phonemic awareness is a prerequisite for learning to read. Understand the developmental sequence of phonological awareness, become comfortable producing the sounds of English, and practice segmenting and blending words to five sounds. Learn songs, games, and activities to engage students in word study utilizing our Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Handbook

Course 2 - Know the Code: Explicit, Systematic, Differentiated Phonics Instruction (5 Hr course divided in two-2.5 hr sessions, Price $150)

Gain a basic understanding of the history and origins of English and learn about the research supporting phonics instruction. Become familiar with tools for phonics, including words sorts, sound letter mapping, syllable types, and the purpose and power of decodable text. Learn how to engage children in key instructional strategies and activities that teach these critical skills to become a reader utilizing our Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Handbook!

Course 3 - Vocabulary and Morphology: Building Word Knowledge to Make Words Stick (5 Hr course divided in two-2.5 hr sessions, Price $150)

Vocabulary encompasses several critical dimensions in the area of literacy including word relationships, multiple meaning words, and morphological elements. Learn the rationale behind instruction in the study of affixes (prefixes and suffixes) and Latin roots and Greek combining forms to build students’ vocabulary and improve their spelling. Learn how to incorporate explicit vocabulary and morphology instruction into your language arts instruction utilizing our Vocabulary and Morphology Handbook!

Course 4 - Writing: Sentence level Instruction and the Role Syntax Plays (5 HR course divided in two-2.5 hr sessions, Price $150)

Find out how to incorporate explicit instruction in grammar and syntax into your language arts and writing blocks. Learn how to recognize students’ developmental stages of writing and the strategies and interventions that support writing at the sentence level. Learn how to integrate this systematic and explicit writing instruction into your instruction using our Syntax Handbook!   

Course 5 - Reading Comprehension: Understanding Narrative and Informational Text (7.5 hr course divided in three-2.5 hr sessions, Price $225)

The Common Core State Standards emphasize the importance of expository/informational as well as narrative texts. Understand narrative and expository text structures, the role of background knowledge in comprehension, and the importance of syntactic structures in text comprehension. Gain an awareness of the types of comprehension problems your students may be having related to text and sentence structure and learn methods and activities that will support students in their reading comprehension utilizing our  Comprehension Handbook!