Newsletter: Reading Comprehension

Comprehension is the ability to make meaning. It is much more than a collection of skills and strategies that students apply to text. It requires metacognitive skills, vocabulary, background knowledge, and verbal reasoning ability. Literacy How Newsletter – June...

Newsletter: Vocabulary

Vocabulary refers to the body of words and their meanings that students must understand to comprehend text. Vocabulary knowledge is one of the strongest predictors of reading comprehension.  Newsletter- Vocabulary

Newsletter: Morphology

Morphology is the study of meaningful units of language, called morphemes, and how they are combined in forming words. Read our newsletter here Newsletter: Morphology

Video: Literacy and Justice for All

August 16, 2021 “The science of reading should be the guiding force behind what schools do to effectively teach children.” Dr. Margie Gillis participates in a multi-disciplinary initiative to set a new standard in this Atlanta school...