• Literacy How Formally Converts to a Nonprofit

    President and founder, Dr. Margie Gillis is pleased to announce that Literacy How, Inc. has formally converted to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. From the beginning of Literacy How, children have been at the heart of our work. In fact, all profits were donated to education and, in more recent years, funded the work of ...

Teaching and Learning

Inside a Reading Intervention

Step inside two CT classrooms as Margie Gillis discusses effective reading instruction in this video. Read More


4-Processing versus 3-Cueing Systems

Good readers decode. Accurately read words are then associated with meaning and placed in context. Read More

What is Structured Literacy™?

Learn more about Structured Literacy™ in this Fact Sheet by the IDA …  Read More


Comprehensive Reading Evaluations

Our experienced team offers individual, independent evaluations for struggling readers. Read More

Comprehensive Literacy Instruction

The Literacy How Reading Wheel depicts the essential components of comprehensive literacy. Empower your practice with Literacy How-To! Link what we know about learning to read (research) to what we do in the classroom. Explore the
Literacy How
Reading Wheel